Norman & Mary Brewer - Missionaries to Albania

What do you need?

"What do you need ?"
I am asked this question now and then by churches and friends alike who want to encourage us on the mission field. I have thought about the question a lot. When I get beyond the usual answers that pop into my head, like brown sugar and kool-aid, I realize what we really need.

We need HELP! Sometimes I feel like a very small person trying to win a whole country to the Lord. The task becomes overwhelming. The needs seem so great.
I believe we need help. Our arms are getting tired and we need someone to come along and hold them up for a while. We need to hear an encouraging verse or prayer request answered. We need to hear that more people are coming to the mission field. We need help.
How do we get help? We pray. We pray that God will send help. We pray that he will send visitors to see the country, we pray that he will send missionaries to work together toward the same goal. We pray that Albanians hearts will be open to the Light of God's Word. We open our hearts and share our passion for Christ, and we pray.

Could you pray too?

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